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Hand-drawn horoscopes - Unique personalised gifts

Horoscope is an ancient Greek word meaning “a look at the hours”. Horoscopes are charts that astrologers make to represent the positions of the Sun, Moon and planets of our solar system at a specific time, such as an event or a birth. For thousands of years wise men have been studying these movements and evidence of this still exists today. One of the most iconic observatories is Stonehenge, many consider it a kind of 'celestial calculator’; another example is the star map made of shells in a cave near Puyang Henan in China dated circa 4000 B.C.

A Horoscope is a map of the zodiac showing the position of all the heavenly bodies on the exact date, place, and time (where known) of an individual. Wise men today - astrologers, draw up these special maps of the heavens for a person's birth-day. This special map or star-chart is the astrologer’s tool used to help an individual understand more about himself, his potential and his destiny. A hand-drawn Horoscope is an individually created, hand illustrated star-chart. It is an extremely special and completely unique personalised work of art - the ultimate special gift.

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