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Handcrafted Designer Jewellery

Date Added: November 30, 2012 07:07:06 PM
Author: Gaia
Category: Jewellery

I am human, a woman, a jewellery designer and a jewellery maker. I feel I belong to a different fairy tale and by being creative I would like to find myself in it again. What is this story or fairy tale about? My inspirations will help you understand. So listen to this...

I like things that are simple, natural, raw, closely connected with the earth. It is not that easy to find this kind of inspiration in today’s world. You need to look closely in order to spot what is most important. You need to come to a halt, stop running, notice that little beetle trying to scramble up a clod of earth, be deaf to the overrated tempting voices and listen to the silence, the Earth, and above all, listen to yourself.

My jewellery reflects my emotions and my sensitivity; it is the fruit of my labour. I would like my creations to convey the sensual perception of the world - the softness of the moss, the smell of the forest, the birdsong and the rustle of the leaves when it comes to nature; the colours and textures of everyday reality. Nature does not need tools to exist whereas my jewellery requires special equipment to come into being - a hammer, a burner, a saw, a blade. The unlimited potential of the imagination, the tools and the skills necessary to use them enable me to share with others the way I see the most wonderful thing in life - the incredible abundance of the Earth. In this way I merge nature with culture and I want my designs to prove that this is possible.

My work also involves discovering potential hidden in unusable objects. Their uselessness is, however, only apparent. Everyday reality provides me with unbelievable inspirations which, through experimenting, become a completely new design. It can be a funny-looking detached button with a thread sticking out or a piece of paper through which you can see the sunlight shining. This is how a scheme is created which I then laboriously finish off in my atelier.

A range of associations generated in my mind and the way I perceive the world make it become something new, which is not only supposed to decorate a cultured human being, but also to express their belonging to Mother Earth. She is the one who gives us warmth, food and water. By creating this kind of jewellery I offer her my gratitude. This is my way of speaking with the world which approaches me with a request - 'make something with me, create something new'.

My jewellery is not easy because it is unique, special and it is not replicated in a factory. It contains human errors but also human labour, perseverance, love and imagination. You need to take a good look at it in order to understand the secret, which is so simple and natural. A person sensitive to the flow of life will certainly discover it and will be fascinated.

It is as simple as that. Can I design special jewellry for you?

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