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Handmade crafts relating to Basket Making

Beautifully handcrafted baskets are crafted from any unspun fibrous and pliable natural materials that can be weaved and bent into any shape. Baskets are a unique one-of-a-kind highly functional items that are ideal gifts or perfect to present a hamper of gifts.

These basket making techniques include Coiling, Twining, Weaving and Plaiting.
Luxury Christmas Hampers from Jones and Jones of Berwick-upon-Tweed

Hampers have been a traditional Christmas gift for many years. There is nothing quite as exciting as taking delivery of a basket or box of goodies when one turns up on your doorstep.

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Appropriate Anniversary Gifts- Buy Them at Affordable Rates

Stuck with the old ideas, here you are presented with some new, refreshing, and appropriate anniversary gift ideas, to make the ceremony memories last longer.

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